Top 10 Free or Low-Cost Online Platforms for Lifelong Learning

You are interested in learning something new but don’t have the time or funds to go back to school? Bring the learning experience to your computer and learn wherever your laptop can take you. Try a vast array of classes and full courses from any of these websites costing very little if anything at all.


With over 1,000 courses, Coursera has a lot to offer. While not free, there’s a free trial period that gets you in to try a wide variety of courses. If you like what you see, the cost of each class isn’t so much that you’ll break the bank.

Khan Academy

Sal’s soothing voice will take you through everything from beginning math to calculus, with a handful of other offerings in a variety of sciences, humanities, and other courses. With the website structure of video tutorials and quizzes to check your progress, learning becomes almost a game.


Watch for the sales on Udemy, and you can get some massive content for next to nothing. With more than 90,000 courses available you can learn everything from math to marketing. What makes Udemy unique is over 5,000 of those are free of charge.

Harvard University Free Online Courses

Ever thought about going to Harvard? Courses here range from subjects you can learn in a matter of days to things taking nearly a year to accomplish, all for free. Bet you never thought you could attend an Ivy League School quite so easily!


If you like TED Talks, you know TED is going to give you great content already. TED-Ed takes you into a series of short videos meant to inspire curiosity and to encourage you to want to go deeper, just like TED Talks do.


Alison points you toward all kinds of free learning in a variety of subjects. All kept free by the use of lots of ads (so be warned).

Open Culture

With 45,000 hours of lectures, you can learn just about anything through Open Culture. Here is a collection in one place of all the free courses from some of the best universities in the entire world.


If you’re looking for certification or just something new to learn, edX is hard to beat. It rounds up the best free courses from a variety of colleges and universities, making online learning easy to find.

LinkedIn Learning (Lynda)

If you’re familiar with, then you know LinkedIn Learning who took over the platform and rebranded it. The same Lynda courses can be found here, not free but for a small cost. The variety of subjects offered keeps going.


Kid-friendly, Code is a fun and friendly environment that that takes you into the world of computer science. Here you can learn how to code a variety of applications.

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